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by lolitadaifuku (lolitadaifuku)
at September 3rd, 2009 (05:37 am)

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noise: Love Game - Lady Gaga

Title: Intruder
Pairing: SatoDai (implied)
Rating: T, possibly M. (for cursing. Says the F-Word!!!....Twice...)
Story: Oneshot.

Summary: Things had gotten so agrivating. Having this monster, this..."intruder" within his mind, torturing him endlessly.


Satoshi Hiwatari had lived a...somewhat normal life. If the concept of "normal" was having a psychotic blonde angel within your mind, than yes, he was normal.

Said "intruder" was busy snickering up a storm, reliving Satoshi's previous conversation with the little Niwa boy. Satoshi, as usual, was NOT amused.

"Would you kindly shut up, Krad?" Satoshi hissed venomously. Krad merely giggled.
"~Are you angry at me?~" Satoshi rolled his eyes. Was a possitively STUPID question.
"Wasn't it obvious, Krad?"

The blonde grinned wicked, images of the previous conversation between his master and the Niwa boy appear in his mind. A mind within a mind. How utterly confusing.

"~Did you enjoy flirting with the Niwa boy?~" Satoshi felt color bloom on his cheeks.
"I did NOT flirt with Daisuke!" Krad smirked thoughtfully.
"~And yet, you're calling him by his first name?~"

Satoshi paused. When HAD he started calling Daisuke by his first name, instead of formerly adressing him by his last name? He began to ponder silently. Krad shattered his sharp concentration by bursting into a fit of sadistic laughter.

"~What is this, Satoshi-sama? Thinking about kissing said Niwa boy?~" Satoshi found himself snarl in response.
"I am NOT!!!" Krad simply smirked.
"~I am one with your mind, Satoshi-sam. I know every dirty thought that you think.~"

Satoshi resisted the urge to bash his skull in with the nearest, heaviest object he could find. Maybe THAT would keep the little fucker out of his personal thoughts.

"~Oh? 'Fucker'? Are you implying something, Satoshi-sama?~" Satoshi groaned in annoyance.

This was one HELL of an "intruder".


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Posted at: September 3rd, 2009 06:51 am (UTC)
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