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Hota [userpic]
Omedetou: Part One and Two
by Hota (sariabryant)
at June 1st, 2010 (06:40 pm)

This community hasn't seen much love recently, so here's hoping to jump-starting some posts!

Some new (and old) DNAngel ficcage.

Title: Omedetou
Rating: P1: R, P2: G
Characters: P1: Daisuke/Satoshi, P2: Daisuke, Riku, Sakura (OC)
Disclaimer: I do not own them even if they have taken up residence in my head
Summary: Daisuke's birthday, a locked art room, and a couple gifts from Satoshi. New chapters set years later. Satoshi returns after a ten year absence. Much angst, heartache, and turmoil to follow. WIP.

(Part One: Omedetou)

(Part Two: World Shaker)