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Riku Mihawk [userpic]
Brand Zess XX Doujinshi Index: Now Open!
by Riku Mihawk (lukaxrenjou)
at September 17th, 2012 (01:17 pm)

Hello Everyone,

We have successfully open our Doujinshi Index & sales. You will be able to find all the information you need here plus also what is hot & new right now in the D.N.Angel Doujinshi World. If you are interested in anything from there please send us a message with your order. We will calculate all expenses and details.

We also have open a new group order as of today 6/16/2012 until 6/30/2012 so in case you like anything let us know soon and we can help you save in comission and shipping charges.

For additional details just go here: Brand Zess XX Doujinshi Index

Subcribe for weekly updates by joining the comunnity if you like as well!

For other sales go to [ www.brandzess.com

Thank You!

phlogistics [userpic]
Fanart (Daisuke/Satoshi)
by phlogistics (phlogistics)
at February 2nd, 2011 (02:33 am)

feeling: tired
noise: Hair (OBC)

Title: Opposites
Artist: phlogistics
Pairing: Daisuke/Satoshi (but intensely gen-looking)
Note: You can't actually see it, but they're totally holding hands right now. ^-^
Link: http://phlogistics.deviantart.com/#/d38lrsp

Celaith [userpic]
Selling: D.N Angel Letter Pad
by Celaith (celaith)
at January 27th, 2011 (02:48 pm)

Hi all!

Selling a D.N. Angel Letter Pad! See it [[ HERE ]]
Only 1 day left to the auction~ Not to be missed!

Happy shopping!! ^_^
Thank you!

cerulean [userpic]
Fics: Obscure Phantom / Release
by cerulean (ceruleanxstar)
at September 27th, 2010 (06:25 pm)

Bringing to you a couple of fics, one somewhat old and one brand new.

Title: Release
Author: ElvenDestiny
Rating: NC-17 
Status: ongoing (5/?)
Summary:  Too shy to initiate something he’s not sure is wanted with Satoshi, Daisuke turns to Dark for some lessons in love. But for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction: dark to light, black to white. DarkxDai, KradxSatoshi, KradxDark, smut w/ plot.  [at AFF.net]

(Warning:  This is kind of dark, and the KxS and KxD has kind of an BDSM edge.  More psychological than anything else.)

Title: Obscure Phantoms
Author: ElvenDestiny
Rating: T
Status: Complete, oneshot
Summary:  Daisuke is asked out on a date. Dark tries his best to be happy for him.

(Totally different from Release.)

Fanfiction :)
by auguro (auguro)
at July 15th, 2010 (08:06 pm)

feeling: complacent

Title: Take My Hand. Chapter 1. Introduction

Rating:  First chapter T, Later chapters M

Characters:  Dark/Daisuke Satoshi/Daisuke

Summary: Dark and Krad have disappeared for three months. Satoshi takes this as an advantage to get closer to Daisuke. Apparently he hadn't got the message that Daisuke was Dark's property. And he wouldn't allow his property to be stolen. Darkdai Satodai


Hota [userpic]
Omedetou: Part One and Two
by Hota (sariabryant)
at June 1st, 2010 (06:40 pm)

This community hasn't seen much love recently, so here's hoping to jump-starting some posts!

Some new (and old) DNAngel ficcage.

Title: Omedetou
Rating: P1: R, P2: G
Characters: P1: Daisuke/Satoshi, P2: Daisuke, Riku, Sakura (OC)
Disclaimer: I do not own them even if they have taken up residence in my head
Summary: Daisuke's birthday, a locked art room, and a couple gifts from Satoshi. New chapters set years later. Satoshi returns after a ten year absence. Much angst, heartache, and turmoil to follow. WIP.

(Part One: Omedetou)

(Part Two: World Shaker)


Ana [userpic]
Two Krad X Satoshi Fanfics
by Ana (chiaki_harada)
at November 16th, 2009 (09:30 pm)

Title: The White Room
Disclaimer: I don't own anything
Rating: I suppose PG-13. Nothing graphic.
Pairing: Krad x Satosh
Summary: Basically, Satoshi is in insane asylum and Krad is his doctor. AU


Title: The Candy Cane Fantasies
Rating: Going with R for safe measure.
Pairings: Krad x Satoshi
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Warning: I edited it myself late at night…so it’s filled with mistakes.
Summary: High school story in Risa's point of view. AU


by lolitadaifuku (lolitadaifuku)
at September 3rd, 2009 (05:37 am)

feeling: tired
noise: Love Game - Lady Gaga

Title: Intruder
Pairing: SatoDai (implied)
Rating: T, possibly M. (for cursing. Says the F-Word!!!....Twice...)
Story: Oneshot.

Summary: Things had gotten so agrivating. Having this monster, this..."intruder" within his mind, torturing him endlessly.


Satoshi Hiwatari had lived a...somewhat normal life. If the concept of "normal" was having a psychotic blonde angel within your mind, than yes, he was normal.

Said "intruder" was busy snickering up a storm, reliving Satoshi's previous conversation with the little Niwa boy. Satoshi, as usual, was NOT amused.

"Would you kindly shut up, Krad?" Satoshi hissed venomously. Krad merely giggled.
"~Are you angry at me?~" Satoshi rolled his eyes. Was a possitively STUPID question.
"Wasn't it obvious, Krad?"

The blonde grinned wicked, images of the previous conversation between his master and the Niwa boy appear in his mind. A mind within a mind. How utterly confusing.

"~Did you enjoy flirting with the Niwa boy?~" Satoshi felt color bloom on his cheeks.
"I did NOT flirt with Daisuke!" Krad smirked thoughtfully.
"~And yet, you're calling him by his first name?~"

Satoshi paused. When HAD he started calling Daisuke by his first name, instead of formerly adressing him by his last name? He began to ponder silently. Krad shattered his sharp concentration by bursting into a fit of sadistic laughter.

"~What is this, Satoshi-sama? Thinking about kissing said Niwa boy?~" Satoshi found himself snarl in response.
"I am NOT!!!" Krad simply smirked.
"~I am one with your mind, Satoshi-sam. I know every dirty thought that you think.~"

Satoshi resisted the urge to bash his skull in with the nearest, heaviest object he could find. Maybe THAT would keep the little fucker out of his personal thoughts.

"~Oh? 'Fucker'? Are you implying something, Satoshi-sama?~" Satoshi groaned in annoyance.

This was one HELL of an "intruder".

paper shrines (crumble down to dust) [userpic]
Selling some manga, D.N.Angel volumes 1-10!
by paper shrines (crumble down to dust) (yuismoon)
at June 16th, 2009 (06:13 pm)

feeling: cheerful

Hey guys, I'm generally a lurker to ALL communities, but I thought you might be interested in this.

I'm selling volumes 1-10 of the D.N.Angel manga, all in great condition and in Japanese format (right to left reading). The books themselves, however, are in English. The starting price for bidding is $32.50, less than $4 per book! The Buy It Now price is $10 dollars higher, $42.50. When I originally bought them myself, the books cost about $10 each, so this is a really good deal. Grab it fast!

Listing is here for those who want to see. Pictures are over there. Thanks for your time! ^^

(Cross-posted a little for anyone who might be interested. Sorry if this comes up a few times!)

by ♔GOD SAVE THE QUEEN (lostxfairytale)
at April 15th, 2009 (08:06 pm)

*pokes slumbering community* Well, I'm just a new member (and ex-lurker xD) trying to keep the DNAngel fandom alive, seeing as this community is quite dead right now except for the spamming, it would seem Anyway, since my brain is a little bit dead at the moment I'll just post some old works of mine^^ Please review :3 And keep the DNAngel love alive!

Title: Voice of an angel, voice of a devil
Author: lostxfairytale
Fandom: DNAngel
Pairing: KradxSatoshi
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Little Satoshi Hikari has a voice inside his head
Please follow the link to my ff account and comment there <3 (cause I suck at making links ><)

Title: Paint it black
Author: lostxfairytale
Fandom: DNAngel
Pairing: KradxSatoshi
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Afraid of the dark, Satoshi-sama?


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